About Me


Hi there.

To start off, I’d like to inform you that I prefer to differ from all the rest. My techniques or opinions, or even photographsΒ may cause you to question me and my work, but trust me, I work from the heart. Within my photography, I enjoy highlighting the simplest of things.Β All I intend to do, is bring some sparkle to this dark world.Β If being different allows that, then I’m all set. Anyway, on with the show.

I am a Freelance Photographer, and occasional Beauty & Lifestyle blogger. This blog is solely focused on sharing my Photographs, and providing little tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily life. Basically, I love to talk, so this is a great platform for me to do just that. I want you to feel as if we know one another, as if I’m speaking directly to you, which I am.Β This blog will contain a plentiful amount of photographs, beauty, lifestyle, and maybe even more!

A little side note: Photography is my passion; it has somehow restored my faith in the world. It is an opportunity to express myself, a way to communicate to people when words fail.

Β I will make it my mission, to show whom ever it impacts, that a simple photograph can encourage one to cherish the small stuff.

So, I do hope you join me on this enchanting adventure.Β 




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