Make Up Looks For New Years Eve!

Happy Friday!

So, as we all know, the new year is approaching, and many people will be venturing out on the town, for a plentiful amount of alcohol consumption, or going to parties, or even staying in. And for this night, you may want to go all out with make up. So, I have two looks for you. A little heads up, I am not a make up artist, nor am I a beauty guru, I just adore taking pictures of the make up process.

Also, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

And with that, let us begin!

Firstly, I applied the lightest shade in my Revolution palette! I applied this all over my lid, with a brush in which I cannot name, because I don’t know it. You’re welcome.


Secondly, I take a slightly darker shade, more beige like colour with flecks of glitter, and brush this colour into my crease, still using the same brush! I like to build up my colours, just to give some more definition.


I then go in with a more pigmented blush tone colour, and blend this within my crease. For a more simple New Years Eve look, I find that blush tones compliment my paler skin. This look can work on any skin tone!


Next, I wanted to change it up a little, and use a single Max Factor eyeshadow, that can help supply much more shadow within the crease. I kind of just work this in as much as I can, until it looks blended, but I later go in with a blending brush anyway.


Now, I blend everything out, with a miniscule fluffy brush. These brushes are SO handy, and something everyone should have in their make up bag.


I then love to go in with some brown eyeliner, and dab this into the edges of my eyes, just for something different. This is far more simple, compared to look two. Simple vs. Edgy.


And for a little extra sparkle, I decided to use my Catrice Shimmer Stick, and rolled this onto the centre of my lid, and the corners of my eyes. I would definitely recommend purchasing this, it’s so affordable.


Now for my favourite part; Mascara! I am loving Flormar’s 3 in 1 mascara at the moment, and I don’t need many coats of it, I love it! And as per usual, I use Seventeen Make Up Mascara for my bottom lashes. I swear by this mascara, I absolutely love it!


And now it’s time for lipstick! I have recently found this little gem, whilst clearing out and completely decluttering my lipstick collection; Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Lipstick, Rita Ora Edition. I find that it sets within seconds on my lips, and stays there. It has a lovely natural look. I applied this with a lipstick brush, that suddenly appeared after years of searching.

Next, applying my trusty Mink Pink Higlighter, across my cheekbones, a little dab on my temple, and the bridge and tip of my nose. I find that this gives a lovely glow to the skin. This highlighter is from Penney’s/Primark: PS…Mink Pink.


And here are a few little close ups, and that is Look 1 complete! Not too shabby, eh? This is a far more natural, classy look, suitable for those whom prefer to not wear too much makeup (me).


I hope you enjoyed this look, but now it’s time to move onto the next; a more fabulous, colourful new years eve look.


Firstly, I picked the lightest, most shimmery colour in my Sleek palette, and brushed this all over my lid, for the perfect base.

Next, I dab my brush in a far more darker colour, and brush this into my crease, to create some depth. Fear not, it may appear daunting, but the magic of a blending brush will fix any harsh lines. For whatever reason, I decided to go for a more fiery look, not at all natural.

I’m very thankful for my blending brush, for without it, my life would be a mere shambles. Too much? So, I blend this reddish tone outwards, to create an almost smoky effect, and add more colour during this process. Next, I add a fiery, shimmery orange onto my lid, and brush this into my crease, and outwards. To get a fiery look, you really need orange. Just a little side note, with my blending brush, I used the colour I started off with as my base, and apply this to my brow bone, to give a little more sheen and definition.


Next, something I am not particularly good at it, but decided to give it a go for this post. How daring o me. I used an NYC Liquid Black Eyeliner (that is probably not in style anymore), and draw a line above my lash line. This part can be daunting, but trust me, all you can do is try, and try again. It took multiple efforts, and eventually it worked. I brushed out the liner further and further, until I had a little flick at the edge of my eye. The most important thing to do, is to try and join everything together. It takes practice.


To finish off everything, I like to go in with my Rimmel London Nude eyeliner pencil, and apply this to my waterline. I love how it enhances the eye, and gives an almost bigger effect. Black eyeliner can really close off your eyes, and make them look smaller, so it’s important to remember to use a nude pencil, just to balance everything out.


What a surprise, my favourite part of doing make up; Mascara application. I use the same mascaras I used in Look 1, but just a little reminder, in case you’ve forgotten. Top lashes: Flormar’s 3 in 1 Mascara. Bottom Lashes: Seventeen Mascara.


For highlighter, I decided to go in with a more bronze toned one, but with lots of shimmer. This is called PS…Gold Digger (hehe) from Penney’s/Primark. I love this. I uncommonly use bronzer, but this could be a replacement. I decided to brush this into my cheeks, a little on my forehead, and mixed in my Mink Pink highlighter. I just love how these tow highlighters compliment each other. Match made in highlighting heaven.


I decided to pair this look, with a bold lip; purple. It shouldn’t work, but it most certainly does. I love to be daring and brave, and thought this make up look represented that.

Take note, I don’t do make up the right way, and am certainly not a beauty guru, or a qualified make up artist. I so enjoy doing it. Simple as that.


Here’s a cheeky little close up of the eyes. I just love orange eyeshadow with green eyes. It’s so complimentary.


And another one in black and white, because why the hell not?



And that’s it folks! Look 2 complete! I had so much fun doing this, and I hope you enjoyed reading through it. I realize this is quite a length post, but I just love detailing each step, just to be more helpful.


Thanks so much for reading, and for your continued support! 2018 is fast approaching, and great things are coming. Have a splendid New Years Eve, and I’ll see you in 2018!

Be safe!

Here’s every product I used in both looks! Enjoy, friends!


Much love and appreciation,

Alice, xo. ❀ ❀






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