Experimenting With Indoor Photography

On a cold Sunday afternoon, I was desperate to take interesting photographs, but it was far too cold to venture outside. So, indoor photography was the choice.

I decided to play around a bit, with my creativity. I knew I wanted the result to be intriguing, and draw you in, but I had no idea how to go about it. Thankfully, I found some inspiration from research online (when in doubt, google it).

I knew I wanted to experiment with water, and perhaps food colouring. And it sure worked. The following images are my result. IMG_1694.JPG

With the above image, I included Olive oil with red food colouring, mixed amongst plain old Aqua. I somehow ended up, with the appropriate lighting, a golden concoction. It’s peculiar.


I just love the continuous theme of Royalty. It’s as if these are chalices, filled with enchanting liquids. Which one to choose?

I thoroughly enjoyed venturing into this world of photography. For months, I’ve been searching for something to photograph, and not finding any inspiration. And it only came to me yesterday. Things take time, which is something I have to learn. All that I used for these images is the following:

  1. Water
  2. Red Food Colouring
  3. Green Food Colouring
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Three Glasses
  6. 1 Jug
  7. Black Paper
  8. Mustard Paper
  9. Flashlight

That was it. I wasn’t out of pocket. I didn’t have to nip out to the shop, to find suitable supplies. It was literally stuff I found in my home, with the help of my creative Mother. I just wanted to think outside of the box, and these are the result of an hour of madness.

I love embracing my creative side; it’s such a thrilling adventure.

I hope you enjoy.

Have a fab week!

-Alice, xo


“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the World.”

-Brene Brown.





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My name is Alice Frawley, and I am currently located in little old Ireland. I am a Photography enthusiast, and intend to make this my career, no matter how long it takes. To transform a hobby into a career, could potentially be the best decision of my life. Photography has been my passion, for quite some time now, and I am absolutely desperate to get myself out there, and show the world my photographs. This is a completely new journey for me to embark on.

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