‘Just Look Up, Beauty Awaits..’

Another Thoughtful Sunday!

So, amidst my recent nature walk, I was running out of ideas of what to photograph. There is not a lot to work with in my town, so you really have to look and find. Thankfully I was accompanied by my clever Mother, whom suggested I stand directly beneath a tree, and just look up. Of course, I was instantly inspired. I didn’t even hesitate, I just pointed my camera up, aimed and clicked.

It’s sometimes helpful to have another pair of eyes, in which you trust,Β to suggest and supply helpful tips. It’s one thing I’ve never thought of doing, to just stand and look up.

I like to be original, and differ from everyone else, and I sure hope my blog proves that so far. So, essentially, being different is what drives me. Being my most authentic self, keeps me going strong. In a world of similarities and regularities, be the one that everyone envies. I try to prove my originalityΒ in my images, and I so hope it’sΒ visible.

Being original is the only thing we can do in this life, the only thing we can do well and successfully. I always feel a great deal of pride in the fact that I refuse to fall into societies expectations, and embrace my creativeness. Being regular is something that is not for me. Yes, there will be those whom tell you what to do, and believe what you’re doing is wrong, and attempt to tear you down, but standing back up and announcing to the world that you’re not afraid, that they’ll never bring you down, will scare the crap out of them. So, do what you have to do, and what fulfils your life’s purpose.

Believe, achieve, succeed.

Pardon my rambling, I can never shut up.

-Alice, xo


‘Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.’



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My name is Alice Frawley, and I am currently located in little old Ireland. I am a Photography enthusiast, and intend to make this my career, no matter how long it takes. To transform a hobby into a career, could potentially be the best decision of my life. Photography has been my passion, for quite some time now, and I am absolutely desperate to get myself out there, and show the world my photographs. This is a completely new journey for me to embark on.

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