‘You Can Observe A Lot, By Just Watching..’

I probably talk too much about my little Nature Walks, but I so enjoy them and they’re extremely relaxing. Walking amongst nature, and photographing all that I see, is most therapeutic. I’m glad I’m finding time again, to capture all that grows around me.

I’m also glad that I have dedicated my time to blogging again. Once I put my mind to it, I’m in the zone and there is absolutely no stopping me.

Anyhow, this picture was a result of spontaneity once again, no surprise there. My mother knows how to put up with me when she occasionally joins me, she just goes with the flow of my crazy. The sun was setting in a quite intriguing way, I just had to snap a picture of it. I imagine it’s quite entertaining to watch me throughout my photographing process. I either mumble to myself, or block out everything around me. During this walk, moments before I took this, I almost fell as I was too busy on my camera. My Mother was ahead of me, and out of nowhere, all that was heard was my voice ‘Oww’. I promise you, it was funny. I may have nearly hurt myself, but oh well, I survived.

This may not be the most enticing image, but I just love the hint of an orange sky. It’s like night and day colliding as one. I enjoy sharing images I like with you all.

Thankfully, it’s Friday!

I love me some Friday’s.

Have a good one!

-Alice, xo


P.S. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, and I am undecided on whether to bring my camera or not. I mean, it’s a gorgeous location. What am I to do? Your advice would be much appreciated.

‘Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.’

-Richie Norton.



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My name is Alice Frawley, and I am currently located in little old Ireland. I am a Photography enthusiast, and intend to make this my career, no matter how long it takes. To transform a hobby into a career, could potentially be the best decision of my life. Photography has been my passion, for quite some time now, and I am absolutely desperate to get myself out there, and show the world my photographs. This is a completely new journey for me to embark on.

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