Who Knows Where The Road Will Take us?

So, I have come up with an idea. Every Sunday, I find myself reflecting and discussing certain topics that fascinate me. So, here’s my idea: I will forever more, have Sundays as a day of Thoughtfulness. Essentially, I shall call these Sunday posts ‘Thoughtful Sunday’s’. Sound like a relatively good idea? Well, since you can’t answer that, I do hope you’re nodding in agreement.

For whatever reason, Sunday is my day of thinking and analysing (probably over analysing at that). Am I the only one that does it?

Whilst out and venturing off on one of my Nature Walks, I decided to be spontaneous. Spontaneity is always a good idea, butย perhaps a tadย bit dangerous. I have always wanted to capture a picture like this. Now I know it’s not the best, but it coincides with the topic I’d like to discuss.

Who knows where the road will take any of us? I find myself constantly worrying about what the future holds, but sometimes you have to take it day by day, and remain patient, and trust what comes your way.ย No matter how bad a day it may seem, your future is promising. Just go with what life has to offer you, and never shy away from an opportunity that defies your expectations. If it doesn’t scare you, then don’t bother. If it does, throw yourself at it. I always find myself supplying advice, but I really need to listen to my own words every now and again..

Even if the road that lies ahead of you appears to be a bitย  bumpy, a bit jagged, and a bitย scary, push through that. Don’t let your Future scare you. Your Destiny is yours to decide, you future is in your control, it’s I your hands.ย Your journey is yours, nobody else’s. So essentially, do what you love and what makes you happy. Do whatever gets you through the dark days, and what leads you down that promisingย road. All good things to those whom wait.

Who knows where we’ll end up? All I know is, no matter how daunting life appears, life is worth it, and my prosperousย future is waiting for me. Yours is too.

Get out there, and live. Just live.

-Alice, xo


‘I am learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it.’

–Mila Bron.


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My name is Alice Frawley, and I am currently located in little old Ireland. I am a Photography enthusiast, and intend to make this my career, no matter how long it takes. To transform a hobby into a career, could potentially be the best decision of my life. Photography has been my passion, for quite some time now, and I am absolutely desperate to get myself out there, and show the world my photographs. This is a completely new journey for me to embark on.

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