‘We Are A Boat, We Have The Choice Where To Steer….’

Sundays; the day where you eat a lot and hope to find something on TV, and eat some more because you’re bored, and then resort to reading a great novel and completely forget to socialize with your family. I’m such a Granny.

So in other words….Happy Sunday.

I went on a Nature walk for the first time in ages. I’m so glad I did, I really missed doing it. It really clears the mind. Thankfully, it was a glorious day. You wouldn’t think it, but I was quite far away from this particular fishermen, my zoom lens is just incredible. The best money I’ve ever spent. I’d advise anyone considering taking up photography, whether for a hobby or for business purposes, invest in a good zoom lens. No matter the brand, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. I was never told this, but I’m glad I included it in my collection.

I’ve always wanted to capture a man fishing on a boat, and finally I have. I’ve lately been trying to photograph things that are completely different from what I normally do. It’s sometimes good to change things up, it can put a bounce in your step.

Anyway, have a lovely evening.

See you Monday!

-Alice, xo


‘I want to try new things and put myself out there and take some risks.’

-Cam Gigandet.

‘All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.’

-Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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My name is Alice Frawley, and I am currently located in little old Ireland. I am a Photography enthusiast, and intend to make this my career, no matter how long it takes. To transform a hobby into a career, could potentially be the best decision of my life. Photography has been my passion, for quite some time now, and I am absolutely desperate to get myself out there, and show the world my photographs. This is a completely new journey for me to embark on.

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