Once In A Bloom Moon

What a punny title? I’m very funny, you’re welcome. I figured, a little bit of humor added to your Monday, could really help.

So, this little bunch of gorgeous flowers I captured amid my time at Lily Jewellery & Accessories. It was a bit of an impromptu photo; I knew I at some stage had to photograph this adorable arrangement. For whatever reason, lately I am attracted to bright, almost pink-ish colours. Mind you, I have made it clear for the past few years, that I do not like pink that much. And just last week, I bought a bright pink skirt. I’m changing my ways. Especially in pictures, I love seeing an addition of pink hues. Oh well, might as well enjoy it. Who knows, in the next few months, I might detest pink altogether. I suppose, I’m just trying a different approach. Life is all about change, without it, how dull life would be. Change is good, change is necessary. Including other things that I usually don’t dabble in, is a great opportunity, and not to be neglected.

Anyway, I am currently enjoying this approach to photography. Yes, portraits and landscapes are still my absolute favourite aspect, but there’s just something about photographing flat-lay, looking down at a piece of jewelry, adjusting the lighting in order to enhance it’s glow. It’s just an interesting aspect, that I always wanted to achieve.

So, I shall bid you a splendid Monday, if that is even possible.

-Alice, xo


‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.’