Fashion Forward: All You Need Is Jewelry

Hi, everyone!

For once, this is not a picture of a human being. It feels quite strange to post an image of a Styrofoam floating head, completely bejeweled, head to, well, non-existing toe.

On a miserable day like today, where the clouds are gloomy and the rain is threatening, a little conversation about jewelry can go a long way. So, with that, on with the show.

As you all know, I recently photographed at a Beauty & Styling event held at the prestigious Lily’s Jewellery & Accessories. I seem to find myself in that little store quite a lot, perhaps the jewelry speaks to me. Should I be worried? Nah.

Anyway, the jewelry on the night was fabulous. The hats were spectacular, and the atmosphere was electrifying. Everyone was smiling; what a joyous occasion. I found myself lingering by a few of the hats, personally created by Margaret O’ Connor. Those hats tempted me tremendously. Obviously, completely out of my budget, but hey, a girl can dream.

During this event, I was approached by a friendly woman. I was in the middle of taking pictures, so I welcomed the break once she began talking to me. She was lovely, asking me if I was taking the pictures for this evening. I, out of the goodness in my heart, felt the need to offer to send her some of the images in which she featured in. She was blown away by this, which perplexed me. A simple act of kindness, can really make someone’s day. She was an eccentric character, and I hope she enjoys the fabulous photographs.

For whatever reason, when I lay eyes on an image containing sparkling pieces of jewelry, (and I’m sure you can relate to this) I find myself exuding a certain sense of desperation. My eyes widen, I’m very surprised I don’t start drooling half the time. My inner shopaholic is fighting the urge to purchase. After all, it’s just one quick swipe of a card, and it’s all mine. Or a simple action of adding it to the shopping cart. (I do hope you know, that I am completely exaggerating. I assure you, I am completely sane. Trust me. Really. Okay, maybe not.)

-Alice, xo

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’

-Rachel Zoe.