Following My Pets Around is An Adventure in Itself

Hi, all! Happy Saturday. Hooray for the weekend.

Anyway, as you can tell by the title, I tend to follow my pets around my back garden quite frequently, with my camera in tow of course. I probably resemble an absolute creep, but thank heavens no one can see me. Every so often, I spot my reflection in our glass back door, and question what I am doing. I am always squatting in the most hilarious of positions, with a lens half the size of a telescope. It’s no wonder I don’t frequently stumble and plummet into a pile of mud. Knowing my luck, it will probably happen tomorrow.

Anyway, anyone whom shares a house with a pet, whether that be a cat, dog, rabbit, Hamster, a crocodile for all I know, you tend to follow them around, cooing and awwing at their cuteness. And this is sometimes paired (almost all the time) with an extremely high pitched voice, calling for their names, hoping for their undivided attention. Well, I hope I’m not the only one that does that. Probably am. Oh well. But, unlike others, I have my camera tag along in this process. It’s great fun. The inner models within my pets are released, and the poses are unreal. They should be signed to a modelling agency.

Photogenic animals are a blessing to this world, scratch that, animals, full stop, are a blessing to this world. I’m so thankful I have so many pets in my life. I shall forever be appreciative and grateful for their magnificent companionship and friendship.

The photograph I decided to post, is one of Douglas and Suzy. I am absolutely convinced that Suzy the cat has an abundant, but secret crush on our dog Douglas. This is photographic evidence that she was caught red handed, canoodling with Douglas. See the mischief in those eyes?  Aren’t they just precious?

Have a fabulous weekend, folks.

Stay safe!

-Alice, xo

‘Each and every animal on this Earth, has as much a right to be here as you and me.’

-Anthony Douglas Williams.