‘A House Is Not A Home Without Pets’; Basking In The Summer Weather

Hi, everyone!

Now, bear with me. I am absolutely exhausted and drained from the inundating heat wave, so I will most likely make no sense for the entirety of this post.

Despite the overwhelming heat, I ventured out into my back garden (I couldn’t even fathom the idea of going for a nature walk in this weather, so no thanks.) I was of course joined by my absolutely adorable dog, Douglas. The most photogenic dog you’ll ever meet. And, for the first few minutes of our little photo shoot, he was bombarded with screams from my youngest cat, Suzy. She was demanding attention from him, it was quite funny to watch. I didn’t get involved, I stayed put. So, of course I took too many photos, as I always do. No surprises there. Aren’t animal portraits just spectacular? I absolutely adore photographing my pets, it’s a fantastic experience, and something I’d advise you all to do. Being surrounded by animals, is the most pleasant of experiences. It’s peaceful, energizing, and fulfilling. Pets are great companions, that should never go unnoticed. My pets are my family.

Anyway, I also captured a variety of shots containing (it took me a few minutes to remember how to spell containing, I’m so tired) flowers. It’s become a new thing for me to embark on, flower photography. As I stated yesterday, flowers are a divine creation, and we are blessed to witness such blossoming beauty. So, expect to see an abundant amount of images of some floral brilliance. I promise, I will try my best to embark on another adventure walk, perhaps on Saturday. Okay, so that’s decided. No turning back now, it’s in writing. With this splendid weather, it would be a tad idiotic to remain indoors.

I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I sure hope it’s not rain.

Stay safe, friends.

-Alice, xo


‘A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.’