Summer in The City

I think I’ve jinxed the weather. It was raining dramatically this morning. But as I type, the sun is out, so I have no idea what to expect for tomorrow morning. Please, please let there be sunshine for the rest of the summer. Us Irish people deserve it, and I definitely deserve to have a tan.

This particular image was from my little adventure around Galway City. When the sun is out, all of the animals sit in the sunlight. It was glorious, wherever you glanced, there was either a clutter of seagulls, ducks, or even swans. That’s what I’m starting to love about this Summer weather, all of the animals emerge, hence how I can get fabulous photos. Galway City really does look beautiful when the sun shines, too often it is covered with layers of rain, so sunshine in the city is always appreciated.

During this walk around the city, my camera just dangled from my neck. I feared to put it away, in case of a sudden good photo opportunity. Or, that’s just me being paranoid. Anyway, with all the people sprawled across the exceptionally green grass, either in huddles or as one, the animals did just the same. They either grouped together, or stayed solo. Nature during this fine weather, never ceases to amaze me. These ducks in particular were almost camouflaged against the background of the grass. f I hadn’t suddenly raised my voice and bellowed ‘DUCKS!’, I would have missed them entirely. That’s the thing with me, I never miss a detail. Perhaps, being incredibly observant comes in handy at times. Who am I kidding? All the time. Beauty can sometimes be hidden, but it’s always there; it’s whether you choose to see it. Deep much?

For the majority of the Summer, it can be expected of me to be perched outside in the garden, accompanied by a good book and my beloved camera (and be completely surrounded by cats.)

So, I’ll be in the city again soon. I am ready and my camera is ready, for copious amounts of photographs. Soon, so prepare thyself for an abundant amount of images.

-Alice, xo

‘To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie – True Poems flee.’

-Emily Dickinson.