Portraits: The Beauty of Black & White Imagery

Told you I’d post again today. Well, I’m posting a little bit later, but hopefully I can be forgiven.

Anyway, I know I’ve been drawling on and on about Portraiture, and posting plenty of Black & White Images, but please bear with me. I just adore sharing with you photographs I tend to love, or feel proud of. I’m really enjoying photographing in Black & White at the moment, but rest assured, there’s plenty more colourful pictures to come! I promise!

I really love working with portraits now. I remember when I first encountered photography, I was certain I would solely be focused on Landscapes, but little did I know, that Portrait Photography would be a god send. Portraits contain so much of a person, they include every little detail, and create a persona of whom is photographed. Portraiture has become a passion of mine. I love photographing people. Despite all the troubles in the world, people still appear to be breath-taking.

Side profiles are incredibly interesting. It’s not something I usually dabble with, but I remember using my 70-300mm lens, and felt the need to capture from this angle. Little did I know, it would result with this. This photograph in particular, I only came across on my laptop. I had forgotten about it unfortunately, but just a moment ago, it dawned on me how truly captivating it is. I remember, when capturing the models in the Fashion Show I attended in March, this model in particular was very quiet and reserved. Yet, she stood tall, for all to see. I truly admired her simplicity, and ability to stand still and still amaze. Sometimes the most ordinary and simple things, are the most beautiful. Her effortlessness reflected in every image, she was stunning.

So, I really have to get out with my camera this week, especially since the weather is picking up again. When the sun is out, I should be out. Hopefully, I’ll get some lovely photos to share with you.

Have a lovely evening!

-Alice, xo