Fashion Show Through The Streets of Galway

Well, what a fun day that was! I have never been to a fashion show in my life, but all I can say is that it was an absolutely splendid experience. It was such a rush. The model pictured was one of the best, a complete natural.

As I was waiting around for the showcase to begin, I was slightly nervous. Nervous about how my photos would turn out, if they would be clear and precise, the usual worries every photographer has. But, thankfully, the nerves subsided and were instantaneously replaced with Adrenaline. As we waltzed through the streets, my camera in my hand the entirety of the walk, I felt truly alive. Every single person we passed, whipped out their cameras and captured this unusual yet thrilling surprise. It was exhilarating. I hurried along, capturing as many photos as I possibly could. I squatted in the middle of the street, perhaps resembling a maniac, but it was worth it.

There was a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone was excited; the excitement was infectious. I shared so many smiles with complete strangers. I enjoyed it more than I expected. I love being amongst people, strolling through the streets, and snapping away effortlessly. My camera has become my first love (however weird that may sound).

The only way I can describe today, is that it felt right. It felt as if this is what I’m destined to do. Looking through a lens is a magnificent way of watching the world.

The models were astounding. Their walks were exceptional, some even looked as if they were gliding. All of the students who created these designs, deserve a pat on the back, especially my sister. Their designs were colourful, artsy, regal and original. Overall, it was definitely worth photographing. An incredible opportunity, at GTI College, Galway.

This is just one of the many photographs I have taken, so plenty more to come. Can’t wait to show you! Happy Friday!


‘Fashion is Art and you are the canvas.’