‘Every realm of Nature is marvelous.’

Good Afternoon, lovely people.

So, when you see this, I will most likely be in Galway, taking pictures during a fashion show (Yes, I know. Very fancy.) So you can expect to see those photos very, very soon. Also, I have a photo shoot tomorrow, so plenty of photos to see and admire! Can’t wait to show you guys my new work!

Anyway, on with today’s post. As most of you have already discovered, I love to take little nature walks. I love to take time out of my day, and wander around with my camera, hoping to capture some beautiful scenery. Once again, I stumbled upon ‘The Walks’, in Loughrea, Co. Galway. Of course, the sunshine burst through the the trees, the very moment I arrived. I think Mother Nature might like me.

It is a passion of mine to photograph nature at its prime, when the trees are changing colour, when the grass becomes greener, and when new life is born. Spring is a magnificent time of year, full of incredible vibrancy that will forever astound me. Being amongst nature is incredibly nurturing.

If you can’t tell already, I am absolutely, irrevocably, wholeheartedly obsessed with nature. As a photographer, I make it my duty to showcase the beautiful moments in life, for it is what keeps us going.

Have a lovely day! Looking forward to the results of the photo shoot!



‘Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It will nurture your mind, body and soul.’

-Anthony Douglas Williams.