‘What greater gift than the love of a Cat.’

Like all Photographers, we tend to look for inspiration in everything. Luckily for me, I am always surrounded by beautiful creatures, that I need not worry if my content is up to scratch. Photographing my pets, or as I like to call them, ‘my children’ is always a great way to test out your different skills. As animals have a tendency to not stay still, you have to test your capability. If an image is blurry, it might not be as beautiful. Thankfully, Finnigan (The cat photographed), has no problem with me taking photos of him. I’m not very surprised that he doesn’t complain. Once I whip out the camera, he just starts posing. He knows his Mommy very well (Meaning me. Yes, I am sane. And yes, he is my child).

Animal photography is a magnificent way of developing any certain skill. It also is a very cheering experience. Animals make me smile, no matter what. And looking at them through a lens, is a beautiful thing. I fall in love with any animal I lay my eyes on. They’re the most astounding things to capture.

I enjoy photographing animals. They are incredibly photogenic, and of course it’s a lovely experience. It’s occasionally a cute little bonding session. In between taking photographs, cats especially love to wrap themselves around you. Well, mine do anyway.

This cat is my baby. I absolutely adore photographing him. The most photogenic cat of all. I mean, look at that pensive gaze? Model material or what? (As I type this, he is curled up and snuggling beside me. He knows he’s being talked about.)

-Alice, Crazy Cat Lady.


‘Cats are like music: It’s foolish to try to explain their worth to those who don’t appreciate them.’