‘You don’t take a photograph. You make it.’

Hi, all!

A little photograph I actually struggle to believe I took. Sometimes Natural Lighting is a gift from the heavens, seriously. I love that I am becoming far more confident in my capabilities. It’s incredible. Photography is a great way of expressing myself, when words fail. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see the world for what it truly is; mesmerizing. Welcome to my world, where photographs speak for me.

I know a lot of photographers much prefer indoor photography with studio lighting, but sometimes there is so much more to work with outdoors, amongst nature. There can be truly beautiful backdrops. Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing indoors as well, but there’s just something about being surrounded by earths elements that electrifies me.

As I said before regarding this photo shoot, it was completely spontaneous. Sometimes the best result is unplanned. It was a lovely day filled with glorious sunshine, that deserved to be captured. Sunshine can honestly enhance a portrait. Natural light creates different hues of colour, more vibrancy, more rawness. It portrays the beauty of human features, and showcases them in a magnificent heavenly light.

I like to be original, and authentic as possible. Hence why I love working outdoors. It’s where I feel most at ease. Surrounded by nature, utterly relaxes me. It’s good for the soul. I definitely want my work to be different from all the rest. Yes, I would love to be similar to more popular and globally known photographers, but sometimes it’s best to be original. That is how you get far in life, by being true to your work and yourself. If you try to be someone you’re not, and try to develop the same attributes as your idols, what will happen is you will lose sight of yourself, and your ability. You will no longer contain originality. Your work will not stand out, or be recognized. In the world of Photography, it is pivotal to remain as focused on yourself, as possible. Don’t listen to what others tell you to do, listen to yourself. I intend to do so, and I cannot wait to see the result.

All in all, in a world filled with hatred and despair, be your most authentic self. Don’t let people knock you down, merely because you’re different, or if you lack a certain skill. Instead, you get back up again and defy their expectations. Be true to yourself,  be original, be ambitious, surprise the world with your talent. Be you.




‘When people ask me what Photography Equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.’