Self Portrait.

Hello, world.

As you can guess, this is my face. I’ve been posting a lot of my other work, varying from people in my life or fabulous landscapes, without including my own face. I figured, it’s important to stand in front of the lens too.

Sometimes, as I’m sure it is the case with a lot of Photographers, I struggle with being photographed. The thing is, I like to be in control, I know my own angles and what works for me. But when someone else is in charge of capturing my face, it honestly makes me uncomfortable. I figured I’d be honest today, let you get to know me.

I’m usually one to avoid the camera, as sometimes the result upsets me, as I’m sure it does with a lot of people. But, I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite pictures of myself, that I have taken. What I admire most about it, is that it somehow portrays my humanity. You can see imperfections, which I have embraced.It’s me, in all my glory. I have always wanted an Artsy picture of myself, and here it finally is. I absolutely adore Black & White Images. It adds a certain depth to the photograph in question. I didn’t worry about the angle, I didn’t worry about how I’d look. I just let go, and discovered the beauty of the skin I’m in. My expression is not one of sadness, or worry, or doubt. It is of strength, thoughtfulness, and confidence. This is me, in my truest form.

Even if it appears to be a dark image, light from within is visible in my eye. Sometimes, I believe my eyes tell a story; they shine.

For any Photographer, it is pivotal to include yourself in your work occasionally. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but it’s important to acknowledge you exist. You’re not just a person behind a camera, you’re an artist that deserves some recognition.



‘Self-Portraits are a way of revealing something about oneself.’

-Eric Kandel