‘Upon the Brimming Water Among The Stones, Are Nine-And-Fifty Swans….’

Some weeks ago,  I decided to venture out into the cold, and travel to my favourite place in all of Loughrea, where I feel most at peace; beside the Lake. I have done this many times. I have countless images of the lake, and ducks, also plenty of swans.

But, on this particular day, not one swan was in sight. I was anticipating wonderful imagery of these delightful, photogenic swans. Albeit, there was a fabulous sunset to distract me.

As I walked along the long winding stone wall, looking out to the still lake, my camera dangling from my neck, I heard a sudden sound. It disturbed the silence. A sudden movement in the water. I won’t lie, I got excited. The moment I peered out over the wall, I made eye contact with two beautiful cygnets, still growing, aging fantastically. My heart soared. I began to take plenty of pictures, talking to them in the meantime (No one was around, so I could be my crazy self, who talks to animals). As I began to stroll along the footpath, they decided to follow along. I melted like a snowman in the summer. Thankfully, there was not a soul in sight, as I continuously ‘awwed’ and told them how beautiful they were. I was like a proud Mother. The entirety of my journey back towards the exit, I was joined by these magnificent creatures. They didn’t leave my side. They had become my friends.

I love moments like these, where I get the opportunity to capture the beauty and kindness of animals. I felt as if they were guiding me home, making sure I would leave safely. Before I left, I actually thanked them, and bid them Goodbye. Yes, I know I probably sound like I have completely lost my mind, but I always feel the need to communicate with an animal, no matter what. They deserve to be acknowledged. They deserve to be talked to. If  I don’t, who else will?

Keep an eye out for any animal you encounter, they are precious. They are gifts to this world. We need to keep them safe.



‘Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all.’

-Emily Dickinson