‘Spring is The First Kiss of Summer…’

Good Afternoon!

What a lovely, bright, joyful day it is! Never in my wildest dreams, would I think that I would enjoy hot weather. And to my utter surprise, that is exactly what  am doing; enjoying the sunshine. I even got a bit of tan, shocking! (When I say bit, I literally mean just a bit of my face. That’s a lot to me.)

So, at the moment, I am very much enjoying what Spring has to offer; incredible sunsets, joyous weather, sunshine, perfect time to take photos.

With that, I would like to share another photograph I took last Friday, amidst a gloriously Spring day. Anyway, I never thought Spring would help me, mentally, I mean. Waking up early to sunshine has bettered my mood extremely, and of course, taking more photos has been immensely thrilling. Taking a few steps closer to your dream, can be extremely empowering. It proves that you are in control. And now, I know, I want to be a photographer. My acting dream will have to stay on hold for a bit, but I’m lucky enough to have two dreams. There’s always a back-up plan. Look at me, being so organised.

Anyway, I will most likely be out and about more this week. I intend to bring my camera out, wherever I go. I must, while I have the opportunity, capture the beauty of Spring. I love being amongst nature, and just breathing in the fresh air, admiring the view. Make sure you take time out of your day, to relax, just to marvel at the beauty of Nature. It’s quite fantastic, trust me.



‘Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.’

-Jessica Harrelson.